Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Update

Well...I had every intention of putting together a graphic before my first Sunday Update. I also had every intention of posting about at least one book before my first Sunday Update. But, we are.

That being said, I'm not disappointed about my progress - it's just going a bit slower than I intended. I am right at the end of my first two novels, and then I get to start on some real posting! The writing really is one of my favorite parts of this journey - even though I don't always show that ;)

Since there's not a lot to report on this Sunday - let's face it, I'm basically just reading and trying not to get too far behind - I'll give you a sneak peek at what to expect coming up this week.

Posts to Expect this Week

This week, I should have three blog posts if everything goes as planned (other than this one, of course!) One will be my #ThrowbackThursday, which I've already started working on, but there are two more to look forward to.

Estimated Posting Date: Tuesday, January 13th

Estimated Posting Date: Friday, January 16th 

Currently Reading... and...

So there's a look at where I'm at! I also have an awesome #ThrowbackThursday post planned about one of my favorite books. A couple was a popular movie about 5 years ago, it's mysterious and psychological in nature, and it was written by a former writer for The Wire. (He's also written quite a few books...but that would give it away!)

Any guesses? Let's see if that little mystery will hold you over until Tuesday.

Happy reading!

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