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6. Dangerous Creatures

I didn't get around to doing a Weekly Update post this week. I hope you will forgive me. The truth is, this will be the only review this week (just how the timing worked out!), so it didn't seem that necessary and I ran out of time. I promise to make up for it with a Monthly Recap on the 31st!

I've been a little off with my reading this week. I'm reading two books right now that I don't want to say are not good, but are definitely a little tough to get into. Both require quite a bit of attention, and when I work a 10 hour day and don't get enough sleep, it can be really hard to read them without dozing off. That being said, I'm only about 70 pages into each of them, so there is a chance that my interest level in them improves.

Today's review, however, is about a book that was far from a difficult read. It was a book that's sat on my shelf for a while, and the continuation of one of my favorite series. The sixth book of Project 84 is...

Dangerous Creatures
Dangerous Creatures
By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
To really understand why I picked up this book, I need to bring you back to 2012. I was in the middle of a "no reading" period, where I just couldn't bring myself to read in my free time. I needed something light to get me back into the habit...and I discovered the book Beautiful Creatures.

It's the first of a series, about a love affair between a witch and a mortal. Since that's not the book I'm reviewing, I don't want to get too into those details, but I loved it. It was beautifully written (despite being in the "young adult" genre, which usually isn't my thing), captivating, and the characters were fascinating. I devoured that book, and the other three in the series, and was legitimately disappointed when I finished the series.

Dangerous Creatures came out two years later, and I think I purchased it the week it was released.

And then it sat on my shelf until this week.

I'm not exactly sure what kept me from reading it. Maybe I was just saving it for a time like this, when I was back into "Project 84" mode.

The story is a continuation of the Beautiful Creatures series (known as the Caster Chronicles), but follows the story of two tangential characters from that series: Ridley and Link. Ridley is a dark "caster" (this series' term for witches), who is in a relationship with Link - a mortal who became an incubus in the previous series. The two of them are headed to New York City, where, unbeknownst to Link, Ridley has lost a bet with a shady character that will force Link to become part of his band...

...and will force Ridley to do anything he asks.

It's hard to explain why I love these books. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have found a formula that just works for me. The books are decidedly young adult, but they're still written well. I think that's what I respond to the most. The imagery, the description, the characters are as good as any book I've read this year, even if the subject matter is a bit more out there.

The question of whether I'd recommend this book is a complicated one. I loved this book, but I don't think you can read it without first reading the other four books in the Caster Chronicles. So, in other words...yes, I would recommend this book. I would also recommend you start with Beautiful Creatures (the book, not the movie), and go in order from there. You won't be disappointed.

This was a very short review, I know. But this was a book that needs so much setup (like, four books worth of setup), that explaining what I loved about it wouldn't quite land. Suffice it to say, I liked it, and I'm happy I'm done with my sixth book.

As I mentioned earlier, stay tuned for a Monthly Recap tomorrow. IT will also have all the info about the books I'm currently reading, and what posts to expect this week.

Happy reading, everyone :)

**All page numbers and annotations refer to this version of Dangerous Creatures, published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in 2014**

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