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Monthly Recap AND Sunday Update - January 31st

This is one of the rare months in 2016 where the last day of the month lines up with a Sunday. It's actually only one of two (what's up, July?), which means that a post like this will only come around twice this year. But I've decided to combine two maintenance posts in one, and give my fine readers a combined Monthly Recap and Sunday Update!

Monthly Recap

We'll start with the positive, fun stuff. This month has been a fantastic start to the third incarnation of Project 84. I've kept up with my reading (I did every review I had planned, and am only a few days behind on the books I'm reading now), I've managed to keep a fast pace, and, most importantly, I've read some great, insightful books that have kept me on my toes.

You can read the reviews for my detailed thoughts (I will include links to all my January posts below), but I was trying to come up with my favorite book I read in January. It's definitely a toss up between Columbine and The Reader, which makes sense because they are two VERY different books. Columbine spoke to a certain thirst for knowledge that I can't seem to get rid of, where The Reader forced me to examine my own thoughts and reactions to the world. Both those reading experiences have their place, which is why I can't quite decide between the two books.

As far as least favorite...I, unfortunately, have to go with Life of Pi. But the fact that such a beautiful, imaginative book was 6th out of 6 really just demonstrates how wonderful this first month of reading was.

These are 6 the reviews you may have missed from January:

Sunday Update

Now I can also get into where I am this week. The answer is: behind. Not horribly behind, but behind. About 350 pages behind. I know that does sound like a lot...but as long as I keep the regular pace for the next two days and spend Wednesday and Thursday (my off days) catching up on the other 350 pages, I should be back on track.

I know, it's asking a lot.

But I'm finally getting into those two books that were slow starts...and I have a classic childrens' book to cleanse the palette this I have nothing but faith in myself that I will get back to where I need to be.

Weekly Discussion Question

I gave everyone an extra week, and yet the comments section still stayed suspiciously quiet this week...but I will not be deterred! The weekly discussion questions will continue, and maybe someone will actually give me an answer this week! Haha

"Last week's" question was: What's your favorite genre of book, and which one could you do without?

For me this is a tough one, as I'm sure it is for many. I think, at the end of the day, the best way to describe my favorite genre is: realistic fiction. I like stories that stay in the present day (meaning present to whenever the book was written), and deal with the issues of that time. It's been no secret on this blog that Bret Easton Ellis is my favorite author, and that's the genre I would put his fiction is. It can be weird, and esoteric, and maybe even a little out there, but I like when I can ground my fiction in reality.

As far as least favorite...this is also tough. I hate making a general statement about a genre, but fantasy and military fiction are probably the two genres I approach tentatively. That doesn't mean I haven't read some great novels in both those areas (Lord of the Rings, anyone?), but I would need a great recommendation to pick one of those two up.

This Week's Discussion Question
Who is your favorite fictional literary character?

(Leave your answer in the comments to start the discussion.
I'll include my answer in next week's Sunday Update)

Happy reading, everyone! I hope you enjoyed a look back at it's time for a look ahead to what's on tap for this week.

Posts to Expect This Week
I have a #ThrowbackThursday post on tap for Thursday, plus two reviews:

Estimated Posting Date: Friday, February 5th

Estimated Posting Date: Saturday, February 6th

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