Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Update - January 10th

It’s Sunday and I’m still on track! Guys, this is exciting! We’re 10 days into January, and I’m not behind yet ;)

I know, I know, I still have 356 days and 83 books to go, so I can’t get ahead of self, but this does seem to be the year of Project 84. I have the next two days off from work, and I plan to spend quite a bit of it curled up in my reading chair finishing up a couple books. (And running. 6 weeks from my half marathon…I have to make sure I get running).

Weekly Discussion Questions

That brings us to the weekly discussion question. I confess, it wasn’t so active in the comments last week, but I’ll keep putting questions out there and see who bites. Plus, it gives me an excuse to introduce myself more to my dear readers, and to recommend a few more books.

Last week’s question was: What book inspires/motivates you the most to go for your goals?

You’d think I would have an answer ready since it was my first discussion topic, but this was one I had to consider. Do I go with a novel with aspirational characters? Do I go with a self-help book? A diet book? An exercise book?

I went with Bossypants by Tina Fey. I won’t go too far into this book (it may be part of a #ThrowbackThursday in the future), but it’s one of those books I hold up as inspirational. It may not be the typical, aspirational kind of inspiration, but it’s a book that guides me to the type of life I want to live. I want to stand up for myself, and for other women. I want to go after what I want and feel proud to do it. It gave me a great sense of what I want my attitude toward life to be, even if it wasn’t an exact blueprint.

This Week’s Discussion Question
Life of Pi brought this out this week…
Which author’s writing style appeals to you the most?

(Leave your answer in the comments to start the discussion. 
I'll include my answer in next week's Sunday Update!)

Have a great week everyone, and stay tuned for even more content this week!

Posts to Expect this Week
Two reviews are on tap for this week:

Estimated Posting Date: Wednesday, January 13th
Estimated Posting Date: Saturday, January 16th

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