Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Update!! - January 3rd

It's Sunday! Which also means it's my Friday (the end of my work week), and also means it's time for a weekly update on Project 84! How'd you get so lucky? I know, it's kind of strange to have an update when I haven't posted a blog yet...but we're only three days in to January, so I thought I'd give you an idea of how things have been going, and what to expect this week.

So far, things have been going very, very smoothly. I'm right on track with the reading - I credit the chair - and I'm getting very invested in my first two books. I admit, I'm much more enraptured by one than the other, but I'll keep to myself which one is peaking my interest more, and you can find out when we get to the posts later this week.

Not a huge update other than that. I'm reading, I'm on track, and I'm excited to get things started. I did want to get one thing started on Sundays: a weekly discussion question so that you all can get more involved in the blog. So here it goes:

Weekly Discussion Question
With New Years resolutions only three days old - 
What book inspires/motivates you the most to go for your goals?

(Leave your answer in the comments to start the discussion. 
I'll include my answer in next week's Sunday update!)

Other than that, I hope you guys all have a great week, and stay tuned for some great content!

Posts to Expect this Week
I should have one review and a #ThrowbackThursday post on tap for this week!

Estimated Posting Date: Saturday, January 9th

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